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Cutting sheet metal using a metal shearing machine requires precision and high stability. The AMADA sheet shearing machine range is a proven leader in the market for accuracy, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. 

From the process of loading, to input, cutting, and unloading, the aim is to streamline and automate for maximum efficiency. Besides the technical specifications, our metal shearing machine range was designed with ergonomic features that improve working conditions.

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General Fabrication Machines - FAQs

A metal shearing machine operates with a fixed lower blade and a moving upper blade to cut through workpieces. Unlike other cutting machines, a sheet shearing machine cuts material without the use of burning or melting. Operations include blanking, piercing, roll slitting, and trimming. 


The sheet metal workpiece is held down by clamps or pins while the cutting occurs. The shear action moves progressively from one side of the material to the other. Furthermore, a gauging system in the sheet shearing machine is used to produce workpieces with specific size and finish requirements. 


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