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Robotic Laser Machine Welding & Handheld Laser Welder Options

Laser Welding Machine - Product Range

AMADA has a fiber laser welder range designed to meet the specific application requirements in an industrial setting. Each laser welding machine has been designed to address key issues and provide the best-suited laser machine welding solutions. More specifically, decreasing lead time, lowering production costs, and improved finishing quality.


Depending on your shop setup and requirements, we have two options regarding an industrial laser beam welder. The first is our robotic laser machine welding cell that enables automated production, high speed, and finish quality. The second is our handheld laser welder for sale. The AMADA handheld laser welder is ideal for a wide range of processing with minimal skill required. 


When searching for a laser welding machine for sale, you want something worthy of the investment made. The AMADA laser beam welder improves welding performance even for the most difficult-to-process materials, delivers smooth continuous welding, and more. With a global reputation for high-quality and wear-resistant machinery, the choice is easy.

General-Purpose Welding Machines


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