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AMADA New Zealand offers a vast CNC press brake machine range equipped to suit a vast number of production requirements. This includes machines such as a stand-alone AMADA press brake for sale to a fully automated bending robot system. 


A CNC press brake is also often referred to as a sheet metal bender. By clamping the metal sheet between its moveable punch or die, it applies sheet bending into a particular shape. 


Any AMADA press brake for sale by us comes with top-of-the-line software and technical support to maximise your output. We can provide you with sheet bending training to help elevate your production quality and capacity. As far as a sheet metal bender goes, our press brake machine for sale is easy to use and adjustable. 

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CNC Press Brake Machine - FAQs

A press brake machine is most commonly used in an industrial setting for metal sheet bending. Workpieces are clamped into predetermined shapes between the top movable punch and a bottom die of the sheet metal bender. Each metal type has different physical properties and those should be considered during sheet bending to avoid workpiece damage. For example, high-carbon steel is generally less bendable than aluminium sheet metal due to differences in strength. The die and punch used, and the force set on the sheet metal bending machine must match the metal type.


Metal sheet bending requires a large amount of force, which is measured by tonnage. Generally speaking, the more tons of force a press brake machine provides, the thicker the metal that can be bent. A hydraulic-powered press brake machine for sale is generally acquired to achieve very high amounts of force. On the other hand, a servo-electric CNC press brake provides less amount of force but the highest degree of accuracy. In the AMADA press brake for sale range, you will find both alternatives to meet your specific workshop requirements. 


Any modern AMADA CNC press brake for sale can be fitted with a wide range of punches and dies. In New Zealand, the most common metal-shaping applications include furniture, metal containers, metal artwork, structural components, and more. Although seemingly simple in appearance, a sheet metal bender machine is extremely versatile and technologically advanced. Hence why almost any metal sheet bending application can be achieved using an AMADA sheet metal brake for sale. Most workshops used our press brakes to produce multiple copies of pieces used for further processing, with utmost consistency.

The press brake machine is undoubtedly one of the most valued components of a metal fabrication workshop today. It offers numerous advantages ranging from increased capacity to perform complex manufacturing, automation, and an overall increase in productivity. Here are some of the main benefits of using a CNC press brake machine: 


Waste reduction: Due to its computer numerical control (CNC) function, this sheet metal bender is designed to maximise the efficiency and use of raw materials. The ability to design workpieces and go through the sheet bending process with precision reduces faults in production quality. Thus, investing in a good press brake for sale can ultimately reduce production costs through optimal use of raw materials.


Creating complex designs: A wide range of tooling enables the AMADA press brake to perform operations beyond sheet bending. Fabricators can now perform additional tasks such as burring, and coining to suit custom manufacturing requirements.


Automation: The AMADA press brake for sale range comes with a range of semi or fully-automatic processing capabilities. Sheet metal bender automation instantly reduces labour costs and the need for significant post-processing of fabricated metal parts. 


Safety features and greater control: Any new AMADA press brake machine for sale is equipped with smart technology such as laser sensors to prevent accidents. Moreover, operators now have sheet bending control like never before when it comes to bending speed and pressure. The die and punch mechanisms that are at the core of this sheet metal bender provide unmatched bending accuracy. 


In conclusion, the impact of this sheet metal bending machine on the manufacturing industry cannot be underestimated. If you want to increase production rates and quality, it’s time to invest in a sheet metal brake for sale. 

Although there are many use cases for the sheet metal bender, some are more relevant to NZ manufacturing than others. An AMADA press brake machine for sale offers a diverse application range spanning across multiple industries around the world. However, when it comes to New Zealand manufacturing, here are some of the most common use cases of sheet bending:


Construction supplies: A CNC press brake machine is used to manufacture a variety of products ranging from metal cladding to HVAC equipment. Other applications include the forming of mounting brackets, metal staircases, and roofing panels. A top sheet metal brake for sale helps maximise production efficiency and ability to meet the high demand for materials.  


Furniture and decorations: Manufacturers use sheet bending for a variety of tasks in the production of outdoor furniture, cabinets, frames, and more. Moreover, metal components of doors, windows, and decorative items are all shaped using a sheet metal bender.  


Kitchen & catering products: The restaurant and home cookware industry requires many appliances made out of stainless steel. Everything ranging from countertops to spatulas and flat-top grills is crafted through a sheet metal bending machine. 


Other applications: Although less prevalent in New Zealand, manufacturers in the automotive sector, electronic appliances, oil and energy, and even the aerospace industry can take advantage of the sheet metal bender. Applications range from sheet bending spacecraft components, refrigerators, electrical cabinets, drilling machine parts, storage tanks, and more.


An AMADA press brake for sale provides a wide range of bending applications across multiple industries involving metal manufacturing. Get in touch today to find out which CNC press brake for sale is most suitable for your bending requirements.

A press brake machine can certainly seem overwhelming and dangerous for a new operator. It requires a good understanding of the press brake machine control features like the pedal, control panel, and safety practices. Production quality will also rely on the materials used and required bending angles for which the operator is accountable. Importantly, it is essential to follow the safety guidelines of any sheet metal brake for sale. 


Most press brake for sale manufacturers provide training courses and manuals to guide operators. However, you should look for ones with a direct presence in New Zealand to ensure you get high-quality support. 


Sheet metal bender operations will vary from day to day even if you’re manufacturing the same part. You will need to account for variations in material thickness, grain direction, and other bending factors. Furthermore, selecting a particular punch and die can be the difference between great and faulty manufacturing. Too much forming tonnage pressure on a particular tool can also damage or destroy it and create safety hazards. Operators need to understand the workings of the sheet metal bending machine, its limitations, and maintenance, to maximise productivity.


Any new AMADA press brake machine for sale includes safety and automated features particularly designed for ease of use. This can include a multi-touch CNC press brake unit, optional automatic tool changing,  automatic slide foot pedal, and sheet followers. AS-01 lasers are another feature of the AMADA sheet metal bender to prevent danger to the operator during sheet bending. Moreover, our NZ team is here to provide training and support to all operators using an AMADA sheet metal bender.


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