Turret Punch Press

AMADA Punching Machine

Turret Punch Press - Product Range

The AMADA turret punch press range offers unrivalled innovation, versatility, and increased productivity. From Electric Drive Systems to sophisticated Automatic Tool Changer technology, the AMADA punching machine range offers high-quality automation solutions. 


In an industrial setting, from complex forming to tapping, you should expect the best out of your turret punch press. The AMADA punching machine range is able to provide that and more with maximum efficiency and little downtime.


When choosing an AMADA turret punch for sale, you’re getting much more than a high-quality and wear-resistant machine. You are also getting local aftersale support, training, and the latest technology to maximise ease of operation and output.

Turret Punch Press - FAQs

A turret punch has a range of tools that can be rotated automatically into position to punch through sheet metal. The workpiece is cut into simple shapes like a square, circle, or hexagon through the turret punch press motion. For more complex shapes, an AMADA punching machine can be programmed to form through repetition of square or circle punches. 


As an AMADA turret punch for sale can be a significant upfront cost, it is generally suited to mass production. Through its low setup time and large output, the turret punch is perfect for improving your workshop’s manufacturing process. 


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