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AMADA’s laser metal cutting machine range is world-renowned for its speed and precision in sheet metal cutting. In addition, our metal and laser steel cutting machine range enables you to maximise productivity and minimise production costs. 


When it comes to a fiber laser cutting machine, your entire business is dependent on its reliability and efficiency. Every AMADA fiber laser machine comes with technical and servicing support so that your investment in AMADA machinery is secure.


Whether you’re an existing customer or looking at an AMADA laser metal cutting machine for the first time, contact us. We have a sheet metal and laser steel cutting machine range on display at both our Auckland and Christchurch locations. Get in touch with one of fiber laser machine specialists to see what’s on display near you. 

Laser Steel Cutting Machine - FAQs

A fiber laser cutting machine emits a high-powered laser beam to cut through or etch specific designs on various materials. In the metalworks industry, one may seek a laser steel cutting machine or for other materials such as aluminium. The fiber laser machine is used in a wide range of industries and applications, particularly for designing and precision cutting. In New Zealand, common use cases for a fiber laser cutting machine by metal manufacturers range from construction to cabinets.


Every new product from the AMADA laser metal cutting machine range comes with a computer numerical control (CNC). This visual interface allows you to design and automate the cutting process with the utmost precision and requirements. You can control laser beam intensity and other parameters on your laser steel cutting machine depending on the source material. Moreover, our CAD (computer-aided design) software makes sheet metal cutting cost-effective by negating any design flaws at the concept phase. 


If you’re wondering how the fiber laser machine got its name, it’s precisely because of the optical fiber laser technology. The laser beam is generated from an optical fiber doped with rare-earth elements such as ytterbium (Yb) or erbium (Er). This combination amplifies the laser beam to generate enough energy through to the cutting point. One of the core benefits of a laser steel cutting machine is the exceptional beam quality. This equates to unrivalled precision cut path, higher cutting speed, and productivity compared to other laser technologies on the market. 


In summary, the fiber laser cutting machine is the optimal choice in the metal cutting industry. More specifically, an AMADA laser metal cutting machine not only offers increased productivity and precision but also consistency and durability.


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